Recognising the Efforts of Others


It’s always a good time to give credit where credit is due and that’s what I’ll do with this post today.  We have our #1 blacklisted school secured but want to recognize a list of blacklisted schools provided by

On their site we can see warnings about the following list of scam schools referred to as the “The Beijing ‘Dirty Dozen’:

ABC English
Bilingo China
Best Learning
Ivy Education
Happy English
Wise English
Smiles English
Ready Win English
Sesame English
Rosetta Stone aka Lingoo
New York Moment English
Here is an excerpt of some advice the site offers for working in China (we recommend you visit and China Scam Central for more great advice):
* Always insist on reviewing a contract in English before accepting a job in China.
* Always get the Chinese name of the company and the Manager/Owner/Principal.
* Always google the school with key words of “problem, scam, complaints”.
* Always check the blacklist for a school that wants to hire you before an interview.
* Always speak privately with other foreigners who have worked there more than 6
   months before you accept a job offered to you.
* Never accept less than 250 yuan per hour or you are cheating yourself.
* Never start working without a signed and sealed contract in English.
* Never pay any administration, training, or other fees to take a job (all scams).
* Never believe what you are told or promised – only what is in the contract.
Getting the Chinese names of the people in charge is important as a lot of companies (like Worlda) have the employees use fabricated western names.  Speaking privately with foreign teachers that have worked for an organization 6+ months is a good idea but one should also keep in mind that references provided to you by an employer may also have ulterior motives.  As for not believing promises (only what’s in the contract), pay special attention to make sure the name of the school you will be working, the school location, the age group you will be teaching and hours required (teaching and office) are specific and not subject to change.  The rest of the points are great too and pretty straightforward.
The site has yet more to offer us and includes this warning:
Warning: The and Australian prison guard/editor Craig Hill are both bought and paid for by dishonest Chinese employment agents that were/are exposed on blacklists at These links explain the story:
Lots more good stuff there, some of which we will share on the Guangzhou Worlda Scam Facebook page.  So, today we give a big shout out to all our fellow scam fighters out there!  Thank you for staying vigilant!

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